About Dingoes


* By all definitions a native animal which is historically documented by all explorers from 1600′s onwards.

It has adapted and evolved to be a unique Australian species over 5 – 10,000 years. Rock art and fossil remains evidence the antiquity of the species as a naturally evolved canine without any of the specific selected traits associated with interference by man. The dingo colonised the entire mainland of Australia, yet is now only to be found in remote and inaccessible fragmented habitats not seen as useful to humans.

* Now scientifically proven to be a keystone trophic modulator for bio-diversity in all its habitats. Where the dingo is in stable social habitation small native species survive in a healthy state including Bilbies, Quolls and rare wallabies and possums. Where the dingo has been “controlled” read: exterminated – these same small native creatures have fallen into local extinction due to fox and cat predation. After 100 years of the Dingo Barrier fence the once “fertile pasture” is now nothing but barren bedrock, while the “outside” continues to support healthy native vegetation and many rare species

* The dingo is our only natural selective suppressant of foxes, feral cats, rabbits, wild pigs and goats. Non-selective toxins can never hope to emulate natural modulation by predator species. All healthy ecosystems exhibit healthy prey species such as eagles, small raptors, goannas. Where they are absent – so is biodiversity. That is the key to the aboriginal regard for the dingo.

* While snakes and raptors enjoy recently bestowed protection, the dingo is the only native species to still be listed as a “pest animals” and “vermin”. Listed as ” protected” in National Parks, but since the handover of management to the States, has been subject to aerial baiting with 1080, and now seriously endangered – particularly the alpine varieties of the eastern seaboard. There is a recently introduced bounty on Victoria’s vanishing dingo.

* Facts regarding the economics of predation DO NOT SUPPORT the claims made by “pasture protection bodies”. When the truth is reviewed thoroughly the dingo has little or no economic impact on Australian sheep flocks.

* The dingo is entrenched in aboriginal folklore and a totem spirit in many parts of Australia. It is an icon of Australian heritage.

* The wild dingo, far from being an aggressive animal towards man is, on the contrary naturally shy and reserved. In captive conditions the extremely intelligent dingo is fully capable of being trained to be a companion to man. Dingoes will not attack humans unprovoked. Documented and authenticated serious dingo interactions are extremely rare – less than five in our history, yet each year dogs attack 10,000 to 15,000 humans.

  1. *The dingo is the first CANID to have succeeded in communication across the species barrier, thus being able, under certain conditions, to be tamed, but not domesticated by humans, It is species which falls between wolf and domesticated dog.

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