How you can help

Support and help in aiding the Dingoes. We require the public to support and help us fight for the Dingoes lives and conservation of the species before it is too late and we lose our "Lion King" that holds all our ecosystem together.

The public are requested to support actions of conservation and write to their politicians to have aerial baiting of national parks with 1080 stopped immediately.


Petition - Save the Dingo Fraser Island

The native Australian dingo needs to be classified as a protected species to ensure its survival.

It should be removed from noxious animals, pest and vermin lists.

Non-lethal and humane control measures need to be developed and implemented where the dingo interacts with humans and livestock.

SIGN the PETITION and let your voice be heard


Petition - WSPA Animals matter to me

A history making campaign to improve the lives of animals worldwide is now underway, and WSPA needs you to help make it happen. WSPA's Animals Matter To Me is a global effort to obtain a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare. Taking part is easy - just add your name to the petition at

wspa.org.au/animalsmatter webpage.


You can help achieve global recognition and protection of animals around the world by joining a global voice of 10 million in support of our campaign.

Animals and our treatment of them are important. Because you care, tell your government that animals matter to you.


A Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare would have a real, long-term impact on the welfare of billions of animals worldwide.

Global recognition that animals matter, that they can feel pain and can suffer and that we have a responsibility to put an end to cruelty around the world.

Ensure the needs of animals are 'front of mind' when governments formulate and implement policies concerning animals.

Improving animal welfare can also improve the welfare of over one billion people who rely on animals worldwide.


Requesting the consideration of submissions

The Humane Society International has Laurie Corbett identified the purest colonies of wild dingoes. They have submitted them to the Federal Minister for Environment - Mr. Ian Campbell for consideration  for "Heritage" status.

Apparently there is an amendment to the Environment Act going through Federal Parliament this week, which will give the minister the power to not have to consider any submission at his discretion as from January 1 next year.


What is required is as many letters as possible to the Minister, Ian Campbell requesting that he honours and considers all submissions received and backlogged to this date, including specifically the submission for dingo colonies identified as the purest wild dingoes remaining in Australia.

Example email (you can copy the text and add it in your email):

The Hon. Peter Garrett AP MP
Federal Minister for the Environment
Parliament House
Canberra 2600

email Peter.Garrett.MP@aph.gov.au

Dear Minister,

As an enlightened Australian and one caring deeply for our natural environment I am appalled and concerned at the ongoing exterminations of Australia's keystone land predator, the dingo.

I fully support the submission by HSI of identified colonies of wild pure dingoes being given positive consideration for Heritage status, and request that whatever the outcome of the amendments before parliament on the Environment Act, that it is my will that you honour your responsibilities as they stand today and give your consideration to this extremely important Australian native animal in conservation.

yours faithfully,

(add your full name and address here)


Sponsor a Dingo

Support of a Dingo and help in homing, feeding and all areas of care can be done through sponsorship at the Dingo Discovery Centre.

Only $300 a year will manage all the food and care to maintain the standard required to ensure the Dingo has all that is necessary.

If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact Lyn Watson

Dingo Discovery Centre

Toolern Vale

P.O. Box 153, Taylor Lakes

Victoria 3038


Phone (61) 3 5428 1245

website dingodiscoverycentre

email dingodiscovery@yahoo.com.au

Dingo puppies in the Dingo Discovery Centre