Here I am

By: Immy Ariff

My name is Immy, and I have cerebral palsy.  I'm a professional web site designer who types with my toes. I have been designing web sites for five years now.

I also develop software for a hobby.  I am currently developing a computer program that corrects common spelling and grammar mistakes. It analyzes and corrects sentences and paragraphs in a word processing document. I plan to make it marketable someday on the software market.

I did a degree in Communications and Information Technology at Edith Cowan University. I studied at university for four years part-time from 1999-2004. I took a much-needed semester break in 2004 which quickly became three years. During those years, I went on a private mission to get some clear answers to my unsolved questions on life. They were questions that made me deliberate and inspire to discover my sense of purpose in this world. September 11 2001 became a turning point I never thought I would take. Many sad events happen quickly in the world because of individuals promoting terrorism. This touched me with pure sadness that I began to write stories and letters to the world leaders on the message of peace, love and compassion, and to echo it loudly across the world. As usual, no replies came. Even so, I felt a sense of achievement and satisfaction to tell the world what I felt inside.

A few months ago, I reunited with Nic at the respite hostel. We haven't seen each other in eleven years and had fun catching up.  He told me about his involvement with the Dingo project, and his firm efforts saving the dingo from extinction. He introduced me to visit his web site – wadingo.com – to learn more about dingoes and the problems they are facing in the result of 1080 poisonings. I learn a lot from reading the articles on his web site, and from watching documentaries on dingoes on youtube.com, wrongly treated by people who supports dingo extinction.

I found that humans and animals share many likenesses, in fearing for their innocent lives taken away unfairly by people of villainous nature. The only difference is that unlike humans, animals are defenseless to fight back and protect themselves from harms way. They have no power to voice their pains and sad sorrows as we can. So, they depend on us for full support to standby them and protect them from bad enemies who set out to endanger them.

It is this reason I have keen enthusiasm to use my god-given skills, to land my helping hand to my animal friends, that they have fair share and equal justice like us here on Earth.